At Kontinum, we view music as a seamless, intricate continuum, where each element merges with precision and nuance. Our goal is to present this captivating experience to you, preserving the meticulous details that your favorite artists embed in their creations.

The Kontinum story originated with James Lee, the former CEO of Astell & Kern and Iriver Limited. With a legacy of over 8 years, James Lee spearheaded the evolution of portable Hi-Fi audio, yet he saw the untapped potential beyond the existing boundaries of Hi-Fi audio. This insight gave rise to Kontinum Limited, a platform dedicated to shattering these boundaries and ushering in an unmatched listening experience. 

Our journey began with the groundbreaking K100 digital audio player, launched in the summer of 2020. Now in the fall of 2023, we're thrilled to introduce our two latest innovations, Soara and Ulim - two exceptional IEMs that further elevate your music journey.

We're committed to delivering top-quality products and accessories, enriching your life with music. As we cherish our loyal customers, we invite you to join us on this exhilarating voyage, where we redefine the very future of music enjoyment.