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Soaring on Sound

Introducing the Soara, a true delight for singers, musicians, and music enthusiasts alike. With a dynamic blend of 3 balanced armature drivers and 1 dynamic driver, coupled with an 8-wire silver-plated oxygen-free (OFC) cable, it crafts the epitome of precision, offering an impeccably even and balanced sound profile. Expect a rich, smooth, punchy yet crisply defined listening adventure.

The Soara ensures unparalleled clarity and responsiveness across all music genres. It's your go-to for on-stage monitoring, serving vocalists, guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, sound engineers, and anyone who demands the finest sonic performance. Whether for meticulous listening or pure musical enjoyment, these monitors rise to the occasion.


Inspired Resonance

Experience the Ulim - a harmonious blend of precision and power. Boasting 2 dynamic drivers coupled with 8-wire silver-plated oxygen-free (OFC) cables, the Ulim delivers a meticulously detailed sound profile, embracing a punchy low-end and a velvety smooth mid-range.

Ulim IEM invites both music enthusiasts and in-ear monitoring aficionados to a realm of exceptional sound. Crafted to perfection, each earpiece boasts two Dynamic Drivers, designed to orchestrate crystal-clear, true-to-life audio, complete with resonant bass notes. Immerse yourself in a spatial audio journey with meticulously designed 3D printed chambers that offer a sensory experience reminiscent of wearing jewelry for your ears.



Discover audio brilliance with the K100, featuring dual AKM4497EQ DACs for top-tier sound quality. Its advanced 32-bit circuit design faithfully reproduces the original sound source, achieving audio perfection. Enjoy the full potential of MQA mastering studio sound through supported full decoding, enhancing your music life like never before.

What truly sets the K100 apart from other DAPs is its revolutionary battery solution, addressing a common weakness. Unlike typical DAPs with diminishing battery life over time, the K100 ensures sustained performance by utilizing highly integrated batteries found in electric vehicles. Simplifying battery replacement, this design choice not only extends battery life but preserves the overall sound quality.